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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


If you’ve gone through a commotion

Or an accident of sorts

And you feel the urge to summon

Newsreporters to the scripts


Ah! Don’t ever waste your sweat

On thick layered phone directories

To call on foreign newsmen to the fore

For these souls today are hounded

On cryptic suspicions of support

They give to rebels on the hills


You might as well call up the hounders

Who are craftsmen of psywar ars

Who don’t matter if 1,000 differs from 10,000

Or whether Mr X didn’t or did commit Action Y

For as long as reports serve the purpose

Of fueling more wars and battle gores

And inflate the raison d’etre

Of brave regimentation and war mania



[Writ. 06 June 1988, AUF, Angeles City, Pampanga]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


In every production of my pen

Of full narrative or poem

I’m compelled to write in simple

Words that folks could comprehend


It’s no joke to dazzle minds

With jargons and magical words

For just like magic on a wand’s stroke

Will make the denouement outpace

The cognition of the enthusiastic viewer

Will only obscure the thought presented

And leave the consciousness dangling

On rotten vines of superstition and illusion


For I’m supposed to offer

Lines that shatter false images

It’s so that every undertaking

Of thinking and imagining

Will irradiate the knowing viewer

With rays of clarity and concreteness



[Writ. 06 June 1988, Angeles City, Pampanga, on a visit to the Angeles University Foundation.]


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra


Source: http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/creation-phil.html

The Creation – Igorot

In the beginning there were no people on the earth.

Lumawig, the Great Spirit, came down from the sky and cut many reeds. He divided these into pairs which he placed in different parts of the world, and then he said to them, “You must speak.”

Immediately the reeds became people, and in each place was a man and a woman who could talk, but the language of each couple differed from that of the others.

Then Lumawig commanded each man and woman to marry, which they did. By and by there were many children, all speaking the same language as their parents. These, in turn, married and had many children. In this way there came to be many people on the earth.

Now Lumawig saw that there were several things which the people on the earth needed to use, so he set to work to supply them. He created salt, and told the inhabitants of one place to boil it down and sell it to their neighbors. But these people could not understand the directions of the Great Spirit, and the next time he visited them, they had not touched the salt.

Then he took it away from them and gave it to the people of a place called Mayinit. These did as he directed, and because of this he told them that they should always be owners of the salt, and that the other peoples must buy of them.

Then Lumawig went to the people of Bontoc and told them to get clay and make pots. They got the clay, but they did not understand the molding, and the jars were not well shaped. Because of their failure, Lumawig told them that they would always have to buy their jars, and he removed the pottery to Samoki. When he told the people there what to do, they did just as he said, and their jars were well shaped and beautiful. Then the Great Spirit saw that they were fit owners of the pottery, and he told them that they should always make many jars to sell.

In this way Lumawig taught the people and brought to them all the things which they now have.


In the Cordillera mountains or Northern Luzon habituate the Igorots who comprise eight (8) ethnic groups in all. They share the belief in Lumauig as the Great Spirit who created mankind. Lumauig here is very near the truth about the Spirit-Force in divine wisdom, who is the One Universal Principle from which all objective and subjective domains of life emanated from.


Lumauig ‘came down from the sky’—descended from the spiritual domains. Thereof, he ‘cut many reeds’—this signifies the splitting of oversouls into many souls (soul-fragments in other traditions). Without souls, no human life is possible on the astral and physical domains that were the lowest dimensions.


He ‘divided them into pairs’—signifies the splitting of the androgynous souls into Male and Female polarities or Twinflame mates. ‘You must speak’ signifies the beginnings of oral language and communications, as human were still in the mental and astral planes preparing to move down to the physical plane.


‘Immediately the reeds became people’—souls in twinflame polarities became the first humans during the mid-Lemurian evolutionary phase, which is the farthest that Igorot collective memory can go. The rest was history, which includes the creation of the institution of family, diets (salt), cottage industry (pottery), and commerce.

[Philippines, 23 June 2011]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Cranes atop carabaos at work

Amid endless sights of rice fields

That merge with the mountains on their brims

Where thick canopies of trees add color

To the green canvass of the picturesque scenery

Here are the trademarks of the path

To Sta. Ana the forthcoming legend.


Reached by land from arterial roads

Where the traveler’s exhaustion is gaily relieved

By the vista of the cool blue sea

A limitless basin aplenty

With marine basics and exotics.


Soon there shall rise an industrial

Enclave whose merchandise will be sold

To foreign lands and peoples.


Fisherfolk, planters and workingmen meet

There in an unintended league

To realize that beauteous and bountiful

Nature and profitable shops & foundries

Can’t at all conceal miserly living.



[Writ. 05 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


O! Beloved people of Cordillera!

Please lend me true reasons

For the fact that some members

Of your proud majestic land

Now belong to beggars’ armies

In the Manila Metropolis?


I know too well that your grand mountains

Are abodes of immense wealth and lores

Of a sturdy people that has never

Been conquered nor has starved

Not the strong and tireless highlander

Who never disdains sweaty labor

And sublime service even as bountiful harvests

Are perpetually reaped for family and clan

And offered at the altar of Bathala.


Is it the handiwork of Plunder

Now magnified by the clockwork of War?

If twere so can you be extricated

From Plunderers’ predatory claws?


O! Please answer my query for you too

Are to me a noble teacher of life.



[Writ. 05 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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By: Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Beloved Mendicant o’ Street

Please misread not as selfishness

My apparent refusal to render you coins

When you’re on the heels

Of riders I’m astride on

Surely my heart bleeds profusely

Over your thankless predicament

Filled I am with guilt and shame

For apparent deeds of misanthropy

Each occasion of your presence

Has the whole sky come a-crashing down

Your eyes narrate the cryptic tale

Of Hades devouring the Earth

Just as my mind speaks to you

What it thinks of the occasion

That to offer you pieces of coins

Won’t transport you to amelioration

Better yet if t’were a stable job

I’d give as presents unto you which awefully I

Do not at the moment possess.



[Writ. 05 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

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