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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Shall we again rendezvous
As the rains and leaves do
To the month of June?

Of what romance are we to partake
When neither of us sees at all
The shadow
Nor hears news and whereabouts
Of one another?

Behold! Walls of time have been built
Between us. The chance of communicating
With one another
Had been buried
In catacombs
Complete with dirges.

[Writ. 27 May 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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By: Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Land of ours! You’re bent on reminding

Us anew: that our Sentinels again

Will rob us clear of our well-earned

Civil rights and arrogate for themselves

All powers of government.

So what? Yes, so what?

Will democracy become so weary

As to naively recline upon coal embers

That are our Sentinels’ hearts?

Has democracy anyway flowered

Into full bloom in your soil as to assure

Your history’s place in the citadels

Of human grandeur?


Land of ours! Relay these utterances

To the vanguards of treachery:

Democracy is verily like a fruit

That has ripened in the beings

Of the workingmen in shops and farms:

A dazzling show twill manifest

As it finally blooms to maturity

And edifices of fascistic greed twill

Burn down to remain as ashes forever

A signal to all humanity of your

Patriots’ repute as victors and

You: a bastion of freedom bearers.



[Writ. 13 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Sleeping while inner rage brews

Inside one’s cognitive vat does not make

A sleep the fulfillment of a day’s toil.

Not for Juan the unlettered and dispossessed

Whose wretchedness is a correlate of wealth

Amassed by his other brothers whose

Purses and stocks do bulge ad infinitum.

Not for Juan. Reserved inner rage

Sooner unfolds into a thousand nightmares:

Spoiled is the timeless joy of dream’s utopia.



[Writ. 19 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]


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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Let me O! Motherland meet you

With warm embrace and sweet solace

On wind and air above you.

I now have grown more than the bud

That I was then some dozens of summers past

Now am I prepared for tougher tasks

As all the carabaos are in your sturdy breast.

Accept my offerings—my brain and brawn

To plowshare for your scions’ nourishment

And lift them up from want and hunger done

By sickening evils wrought by lords of wrath.

Let me with your children sumptuously dine

I have no more than heartfelt words to give

So hopefully this might their souls satiate

So they’d regain states o’ sobriety and power.

Let me O! Motherland! Meet you again

Beneath your oceans, seas and lakes

Benign these blankets are to me so real

In them I’m freshened always as a babe.

Wake me up from slumber o! Motherland!

Let me rise up forever from this boorish state

I’d rise the more to bequeath my love

To your scions with whom I am betrothed

For they make sanguine giants out of ants

Gold are they beyond all spellbound words.

Let me reach out to your scions all, o! Motherland!

Arise shall my voice be so redeeming

To herald what dear Destiny had covenanted

‘Bout greatness that resides in all of them

Let them feel your Bosom thru this voice

That rise shall they therefore the quickest

‘Twards magnificence their wondrous wherefore

O’ this swearword let me not just rescind

To rest in nasty bowels o’ Oblivion

Far off your scions shall arise above the hovels

They’d lighten up your sky as rays they are

Of suns and suns from all yon galaxies

O! Motherland you’re lightened for all times!

Let me go forth in fights o! Motherland

To citadels of wealth and luster of crafts

Learn more from them I’d frame commission

Embankments of mind enriched for your accrual

For you alone, yes you alone o! Motherland!

I bade you not in sadness no not this

But in cheered one sweetened by your flowers

Return shall I, I swear, I dutifully swear

‘Tis heard aboard the melodious winds above you

To be a part of your triumphant enshrinement

In all the world’s magnificent halls of Light.

[Writ. 09 March 92, University of the Philippines Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

To serious thinkers an X unknown

is the sum of financial technocrats

and foreign debtors

but to the paupered lot

the sum means

more tasty diets consisting

of liver flukes

of ascaris

of tuberculosis

of kwashiorkor

of bronchopneumonia

of pinworms

of schistosomiasis

A sum of parasites

is always equal to parasites

and nothing less

[Writ. 04 June 1991, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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 Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Fine, fine is the guerilla

knows s/he that the hinterland

is an infernal zone

where the enemy’s textbook lessons

seem like lost dots and dazed calculi

in a wildly vast encyclopedia

Fine, fine is the guerilla

s/he the master of warfare’s laws

of cunny maneuvers

amid tricky foliages and fields

The guerilla

Just like culture heroes

Is a sung hero

[Writ. 04 June 91. Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Bro. Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Why pump the lifeblood

Of poor nations with Aid

From modern Titans?


This Aid’s a footstool of Ceasar.

‘Tis nothing but cancer that encroaches

Upon the weak body of the recipient:

Eroded are the remaining vestiges

Of moral strength for the Poor’s will

To rise from the maelstrom of wretchedness;

‘Tis the fattest of parasites

That rapidly saps all nourishment

From the Poor’s ulcerated belly;

‘Tis an aromatic essence

That later reveals its baneful powers

To asphyxiate the struggling breather

Towards Hamlet sleep.


For by now victims ought to recognize

When abominable vampires strike;

Blood loss in such sucking vein is much too different

From blood gained from an altruistic donor.


[Writ. 04 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

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