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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Twas a 16th day of November when it hap

On Year Four past the new millennium’s start

Dreadful a day writ in news of world sorrows

O’ laboring scions of Filipinas diabolically felled

By verdugos’ sadistic gunfires sprayed

Upon helpless citizens treated like unwanted pests

A presidential palace denizen I was then

Among those called to aid build concord

Betwixt unionists and hacienda’s cacique-bosses

Inspired by Socrates and Lao Tzu

Dialogued we did a back-channel mode

Quaffs of soda and juice mixed wise counsel

Concord at last to bear upon the unionists

To merriment my boss and us lieutenants a-going

When gory heraldry splattered public media’s pages

As sadistic caciques called cops for aid to disperse

With nil compunction shot the toiling folks a-blaze

Turning festive moods into grim dirges

Shocked and embittered we peace builders

Could best show solidarity to martyred scions

Amid hymns of praises sung by avian choirs

Songbirds atop Makiling, Banawe, Apo boondocks

Proclaiming “honored and loved are felled scions”

They are truly human till their last breath

Emulated by youth & all

Courage fulfilled

[Philippines, 22 April 2010.]

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