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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

In the name of the Father (Jesuit Order)

Of the Son (students/constituencies)

And of the Holy Ghost (Jesuit fascism)


If an alumnus Son is found to plagiarize

Kilometric lines of verbiage from famed denizens

Isn’t this a natural offshoot of the granite fact

That Father begets Son in his own image?

As any fascistic Father begets fascistic Sons

Likewise do plagiarizing Fathers

Beget plagiarizing Sons?

Can Jesuit schools indeed stand up as high esteemed

As atheneums of antiquity in the glory that was Greece?

Or it is more a mask that predatory pretenders don

Concealing thus the commissions of evil abominations

For weren’t the Jesuits those demonic assassins

Come to slaughter?

Those who depart from papal influence

Slayed by their idiotic blunder?

How many more will Jesuits subtly burn

To Hell those Herds of studes who to them turn

For sublime learning like famed Dr. Rizal?

How many more burnt at stake

In Jesuitical altars of ultimate power?

[Philippines, 14 April 2010]

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