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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


In the name of the Father – Jesuit priesthood

Of the Son – student o’ Jesuit school

And of the Holy Ghost – clericofascism



From Ignatius Loyola to dreary Opium Wars

Evil assassins for Pope’s powers conquered

Duping beguiled Herds of a benign mandate

Minister they for the Holiest Almighty

Predators for a costly cosmic war they

Are ravens singing shibboleths for Lucifer


To China they sojourn disguised proselytizers

Covertly taught folks to smoke Holy Opium

Thus fattening Jesuit’s hoards for more conquests

While million addicts died in Loyola’s fame


Here they’re safely nestled in Manila’s suburbs

Atop Loyola’s hilly rocks built the fort o’ control

Clone Herds’ o’ pupils for their predatory gains

As fat landed oligarchy in the Hall of Shame


[Philippines, 27 April 2010.]


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