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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Held in villages

As ours in Lumangbayan

Are much a part

Of zestful life

In the islands

Banters and catchcalls

Crowds and uniforms

Perfumed and foul smells

We squeeze ourselves

Like salami thumping

Jumping in limitless joy

Fuming madly when not satiated

To our oldies

A curse the basketball league is

For the zillion decibels of noise

Shatter their pretentious ears

But for the youth

And those feeling youthful

They are

A blessing and feast

Catharsis for the dense energies

Truly fun and tons of coke besides

Declaring summer had come

[Philippines, 22 May 2010]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Mood is pokered by afterthought

Of exercises in a gymn. ‘Tis a

Moment when one has no opinion

Or feelings for anything

Feelings are most unwanted scavengers

Let them not descend upon the self on this


Just listen to sweet music

Of fast and slow beats

Their messages, garbled and drowned in one’s

Unfeeling state.

Just let time past away



[Writ. 24 May 91, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

When is body strong and sturdy

But on occasions of rhythmic rounds

To sweatshops o’ physique’s crafting.

You are the sculptor your body wood

That you will shape with exquisite beauty and

Undisguised strength.

Your shaped physique is one authentic

Samson: it will mortally slaughter

Time as it reposes its own morgue;

Cremated is the browbeating fatigue

You are to your Self no cynic

Smoothened are the chances for your wishes

To do myriad works unlimitedly.

Like a true sculptor fulfilled

In its shaping, you are t’ward your

Physical frame.

[Writ. 15 May 1991, Cubao, Quezon City,M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Warm is the day of summer.

The city’s drenched with sweat

Much more for humans

Sweats abound as unwanted flies

On the surface of sticky skin

Sticky is the summer’s day.


Warm yet blessed is the summer’s day.

The hot sun indeed bakes the skin a-gruel

Yet so does it burn all malignant germs

They quiver like it were their last

Winter, on a summer’s day

The signs of sickness shy away.


The body is a sturdy rock

Unreached by echoes of ailments

Only echoes of joy a-fleeting on a summer’s day.


[Writ. 15 May 1991, Cubao, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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