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By: Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Land of ours! You’re bent on reminding

Us anew: that our Sentinels again

Will rob us clear of our well-earned

Civil rights and arrogate for themselves

All powers of government.

So what? Yes, so what?

Will democracy become so weary

As to naively recline upon coal embers

That are our Sentinels’ hearts?

Has democracy anyway flowered

Into full bloom in your soil as to assure

Your history’s place in the citadels

Of human grandeur?


Land of ours! Relay these utterances

To the vanguards of treachery:

Democracy is verily like a fruit

That has ripened in the beings

Of the workingmen in shops and farms:

A dazzling show twill manifest

As it finally blooms to maturity

And edifices of fascistic greed twill

Burn down to remain as ashes forever

A signal to all humanity of your

Patriots’ repute as victors and

You: a bastion of freedom bearers.



[Writ. 13 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



May the glowing lights at night

Not stop at all for rest or sleeps.


Beware! Beware!

Snakes are bound to strike

When patriots of most noble faith

Sense slimmest the hordes of traitors;

Sentinels we’ve long trusted

May ride astride lightning bolt

To incinerate our dens of freedom

And leave the lores of democracy

To the nothingness of decay.

Tyranny is ripe once more, a fruit

The would-be autocrats savor the best.


O! City lights!

Please don’t sleep at night!



[Writ. 13 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Radio should be a gentle mentor

whose teachings we take as our own

as we cherish each fact and fable

that it offers us canned lessons;


but Radio is consumed up

by its seeking for money and profits

as every sound that it releases

makes us believe that we are in New York

or London or elsewhere other than Filipinas.

Alien sounds can only nurture best

the filthiest image of our national stature.



[Writ. 07 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Why ought we call Motherland

The cradle of us loyal citizens?

Why not just call it Land

For the sake of propriety and brevity?

Likewise we shan’t label Fatherland

Each lustrous land of alien conquerors

Who enslaved our forbears in servitude

Over epochs of lamentable tribulations.


A Mother is she who never dares forsake

Her children whom she lovingly nourishes.

And yet all children grow to bid farewell

To the hardships of infantile life

And so to bid farewell as well

To the Mother who soon faces retirement.


Habits of old are hard to die

Like thoughts on Motherland or Fatherland

Even as we’re not overgrown infants

Of a country that professes eternal Motherhood

And neither could we all say farewell

To our benign Land: our Provider.



[Writ. 06 October 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Sleeping while inner rage brews

Inside one’s cognitive vat does not make

A sleep the fulfillment of a day’s toil.

Not for Juan the unlettered and dispossessed

Whose wretchedness is a correlate of wealth

Amassed by his other brothers whose

Purses and stocks do bulge ad infinitum.

Not for Juan. Reserved inner rage

Sooner unfolds into a thousand nightmares:

Spoiled is the timeless joy of dream’s utopia.



[Writ. 19 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]


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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Policeman! Throngs of multitudes are

Waiting for your return to civility!


On account of the erosion of your image

As a reliable enforcer of statutes

By your recalcitrant engagements in

Extortions and rackets and every condemnable

Act that are well perceived by the periscopic oculars

Of the consummate public;


Come home, policeman! Come home

To the moral niche of civility!


For to extract money from laboring motorists

Traders and pedlars who may no more

Be better than the poorest fellows

Of yours whose every cent that you

Embezzle will accrue to the rupture

Of the noblest dignity;


Come home, policeman! Come home

To the powerhouse of civility!


For to bust striking workingment or to

Train guns on dissenting marchers or to

Equate to criminal acts those that are

Worthy of appreciation as they are

Motivated by desires for justice

Will cost you your sweet acceptance

By the same people whom you ought to protect;


Come home, policeman! Come home to

The sanctuary of civility!


People are surely waiting for you

Not excluding the gunslinging predators

Who are out to snatch your life

For your treachery and malevolence.


[Writ. 06 June, AUF, Angeles City, Pampanga]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Cranes atop carabaos at work

Amid endless sights of rice fields

That merge with the mountains on their brims

Where thick canopies of trees add color

To the green canvass of the picturesque scenery

Here are the trademarks of the path

To Sta. Ana the forthcoming legend.


Reached by land from arterial roads

Where the traveler’s exhaustion is gaily relieved

By the vista of the cool blue sea

A limitless basin aplenty

With marine basics and exotics.


Soon there shall rise an industrial

Enclave whose merchandise will be sold

To foreign lands and peoples.


Fisherfolk, planters and workingmen meet

There in an unintended league

To realize that beauteous and bountiful

Nature and profitable shops & foundries

Can’t at all conceal miserly living.



[Writ. 05 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Why pump the lifeblood
Of poor nations with Aid
From modern Titans?

This Aid’s a footstool of Ceasar.
‘Tis nothing but cancer that encroaches
Upon the weak body of the recipient:
Eroded are the remaining vestiges
Of moral strength for the Poor’s will
To rise from the maelstrom of wretchedness;
‘Tis the fattest of parasites
That rapidly saps all nourishment
From the Poor’s ulcerated belly;
‘Tis an aromatic essence
That later reveals its baneful powers
To asphyxiate the struggling breather
Towards Hamlet sleep.

For by now victims ought to recognize
When abominable vampires strike;
Blood loss in such sucking vein is much too different
From blood gained from an altruistic donor.

[Writ. 04 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

In times when mind’s soaked
in an intoxicating concoction
of rage and fiery resentment
ought not battle against pitfalls

that are really no pitfalls
when gauged against virtues
that they unintendedly unlock

for such virtues are ever present
in the labyrinth of pursuits
awaiting to float to the surface
of riverine Existence

no matter how inconspicuous these are;
they are stars that are forever
habituating the firmaments
in grandiose beauty,

despite dark clouds
despite dark clouds

[Writ. 02 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Actions of a kind
And those of others
Ever demand a plethora of decisions
Whether erroneous to some quarters
Or righteous to the rest.
The mind fulfills the thinking
Balanced with the doing
In a majestic rhythm
Of poetry and calculus,
Tempered by Justice
And the quest of the Will,
Astride the vehicle of Wisdom
Fueled by noble Inspiration,
It measures the outcome
Whether least appealing or best.

[Writ. 02 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

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