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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Scheduled to fly to fly to California in due time
I decided to do holiday in Sagada before that
On a day in Summer 2000 passed by Ifugao first
To stay the night in picturesque Banawe
A return visit it was in this town d’gourmet
Till the following day I motored to Sagada

There to be greeted by Bulol the Silent Watcher
Spent couples of days to relaxingly walk
Visited the underground caves where ancestors lay
Awed at the marks of sea levels in cavernous walls
Visited bars and on a night sang along with acoustics

Bearing along with me theosophy books to read
And meditating too for so many an hour schedules
Cleansing myself with drinks of local herbal tea
And communicating with the Hierarchs for counsel
Whether shall I leave Filipinas for overseas calls

Snap shots and memories filling my memory bank
I left thereafter and passed by Banawe again for a night
To take stock of the future days awaiting me
And thank Bulol the Silent Watcher for the holy stay

[Philippines, 17 March 2011]


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