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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Magandang gabi! Good evening!


Dusk is the mark of the day as I write this note. I wish to continue writing on the theme of Arab gulf states—whether they’re Asian or not. It seems that the ‘twilight of the gods’ scenario has been engulfing the gulf states altogether, a sort of reprieve prior to Armageddon.


For this piece, I’d focus on the observation that the Arab gulf states are the enforcers of the Anglo-European oligarchy’s ‘clash of civilizations’ madness. There has been so much military build-up in the gulf states lately, proof of a preparation for a larger conflagration. (The expenditure level measures by the hundreds of billions of dollars, with KSA leading the hemorrhage of military hardware buying spree.)


East Asia, as we can see, has been operating on the modality of a ‘dialogue of cultures’ expressed as economic, political, and cultural cooperation. The entire region has been the growth driver of the global economy for some time now, and will perform such an optimizer role in the foreseeable future.


Such a trend, however, does not characterize the gulf states. Already filthy rich with their petrodollars, they nonetheless aren’t progenitors of growth driving for the global economy. They grow for the sake of sustaining their own development gains and prepare themselves for the eventual drying up of the oil wells.


Gulf economies’ billionaires are deeply encumbered to the financier operations of the Anglo-European oligarchs who have been using the former as their dummies and/or junior partners. There is hardly any big commercial and industrial concern in the gulf states today that are not immersed in the investment interests of the likes of George Soros & cronies who represent the Who Is Who in the West.


Arab sheikhs style themselves in fact as Western-honed leaders who are no different from their Western counterparts. The difference lies only in the sheikhs’ profession of Islam, an ultra-conservatism that the West allowed to thrive to render the sheikhdoms as buffer regions versus pan-Arab nationalism or pan-Arabism of the Iraq, Syria, Lybia, and Nasserite Egypt.


Pan-Arabism is now rapidly decaying, and so the polarity game has shifted to Shiite Islam as the key enemy in lieu of the former. The Arab kings and sheikhs are surely having a great time nurturing hatreds versus the ayatollahs of Persia whom they demonize with deep disdain.


Back home, the sheikhdoms have to neutralize their homegrown jihadist movements led by the Al Qaida. While the home enemy grows in size and intensity of terror, tension grows as the sheikhs can’t help on anticipating the attacks by the revolutionary guards of Persia, attacks that may be accompanied by limited nuclear weaponry.


The situation in the gulf region had pushed the sheikhs into a toxic alliance with the Zionists who are the other leg in the beachhead of the Anglo-European oligarchy in regaining control of the entire Western Asia. A loose Zionist-Sunni (gulf states’ ecclesial religion) alliance has been in formation since couples of years back yet, to recall.


In my own analysis, it is now too late to see the possibility of the sheikhs dis-engaging from their active participation in the polarity game of the West’s oligarchy. The sheikhs and Arab billionaires are an organic part of that oligarchy while they feign difference via Sunni wahabism or equivalents. A superficial difference that is, to note.


The clock now ticks for the gulf states, an Armageddon clock that could unleash the forces of destruction in the region. And such a clock will continue to tick, unless a paradigm shift will be initiated by the sheikhs & Arab billionaires which is nauseatingly impossible an eventuality at this moment.


[Philippines, 22 July 2010]

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza



As young a tot I was so supple and innocent

Did I copiously follow my oldies who slaughtered

Dogs for delicacy that they quaffed with liquor


Such was then tradition that withstood no perdition

For its own commission would shoot up one’s esteem

As one who can stand along with the tribes of Pinoys


And so twas my delicacy as a young man thereafter

Who’d make fallows to task and earn my keep

Excellent to quaff with brandy dog meat was

That burned one to brims of libidinal desires to consume


By late 80s my flights of fantasy for canine meat

Was scoffed by my own conscience

No more to eat a friendly pet I finally decided


Till law comes to ban the slaughter and eating

Of canine delicacy that’s now proscribed

The calling of innate wisdom has come to bear at last

For which we followed conscience in daily acts


[Philippines, 27 October 2010]

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza




From childhood to young adulthood I feasted myself

With sights of carabaos at work in fields of planters


Like willful servant the carabao has been unto us

Humble Filipinos of an aegis of rustic past


Came forth new times and tractors filled the lands

Where carabaos once tread the fields till wee hours


Gradually did carabaos came to rest at last

No more to shame nor lame for slave tasks


So let it be the new mark of unfolding times

That carabaos be our true friends sit in glory


[Philippines, 14 October 2010]

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